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Where we are?

We are hearing that MoviePass is re-grouping for another launch. The reasons for its failure have been discussed in length. AMC's A-List, Regal Unlimited Plus, Cinemark Movie Club along with many others have been trying to fill the vacuum left by MoviePass. Exhibitors are not leaving any stone unturned, to protect their customer base, which has been flocking towards the likes of Netflix and Prime fueled by the pandemic.  It's no secret that the studios are also feeling the heat.  A successful subscription model is more critical than ever for the revival of the exhibition industry. The focus of these existing subscription models is driven by exhibitors who discount their tickets, hoping to leverage on the increased customer visits. The stakes are high for exhibitors and subscription service providers. The question is; why can't we get studios also to join the party? Exhibitors and Studios coming together for the greater good of the industry. 

studioPASS - The Concept!

Why not a Studio Pass? A new subscription model that the studios drive along with exhibitors will be a win for all! The new reality is that studios and OTT platforms are also key stakeholders in the exhibition business. Creating a subscription program that can co-exist across both small screens and big screens would be in the best interest of the industry. A program that is driven by the Studios and executed by the theaters and OTT platforms. It could also be enhanced by combining multiple studio subscriptions, along with strong participation from the theaters across. The customer benefits could be further enhanced including priority screenings, discounts, access to specific movie festivals, merchandise, and more. To lure the customers, studios should provide a minimum guarantee on the number of releases every year.  The revenue-sharing model between studios and exhibitors would have to be worked out with the best minds in the industry. What about a revenue share linked to the release window? 

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A powerful tool for the studios and exhibitors.

The subscription drive would rely on the quality and quantity of the content pipeline. It could be also considered as a seed fund for the studios to produce more content which in turn enriches the cinema ecosystem. We could have specific studio movie festivals or have a dedicated screen playing Marvel content at the leading locations accessible to the subscription holders.

Further, the use of studio passes within the theatres would give studios access to real-time data on the moviegoers, which are largely unavailable in the current situation.  The exhibitors would continue to receive patrons who could be spending more on F&B and also could avail the majority share of the discounted ticket price. The possibilities are limited only by one's imagination.

Leveraging the studios streaming platforms.

Following the pandemic, we have seen that more and more studios are embracing OTT. The movies are also getting released directly on OTT platforms. Luca, Godzilla vs Kong are a few to name of. However, it is evident that the studios would also have to leverage the theatrical releases for better results. Depending only on OTT can cause significant opportunity loss. Furthermore, the data shows that the customers crave the big screen experience as they have started swarming the cinemas post-pandemic.

Nearly 35-45% of the customers still love to watch their favorite movie on the big screen. There are multiple subscriptions that one has to subscribe to ensure that they don't miss out on exclusive OTT releases. Piracy is increasingly complex to contain and has been on the rise. Its poised as the biggest challenge to the cinema industry.

These challenges lead us to the thought; Why can't the studios extend the subscription program to the theaters and provide an exclusive window. For example, a person with a Disney+* subscription can watch the movie in theatres at a 50% discount(Studio Fee waved off) or even free of cost!

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Collaboration of studios

The studios have to adhere to their commitment to providing the best offering as part of their studioPASS release. The customers will buy the subscription only if they are convinced by the offering. It can be a minimum commitment or Theater + OTT extension(Moviegoers can watch their favorite movie in the theatre and later rewatch it at home when they want to).


Consider the case that the one single studio cannot create a great offering then the studios can collaborate and create a combined program. For example, MGM* and Paramount Picture* created a MEGAPASS Program in which the moviegoers can watch both studios' movies in the theatre.

How Customers Benefit from it ?

The biggest benefit for customers will depend on how the program is designed by the studios. A few of the possibilities are highlighted below. 

  • Watching their favorite studio movie for free or 50% discount(Studio Fee Waved off ) in the theatres.

  • Extending the streaming subscription to theatres so that they can watch the movie on the big screen and later rewatch it in OTT whenever they want.

  • Invitations to premiers and exclusive screenings for the studioPASS Customers when the studios launch the movie.

  • Discount on the F&B and merchandise. 


Would you like to know how studioPASS works? 


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* The studio names we used here is only for demonstration purpose only and the names are the sole property of studios. The information we are passing here is based on our independent research and studios are not liable for it. If the studio names we used here for the information purpose are affected by any means, please reach out to us at we will remove the same.

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